Snails in ready-made gourmet or traditional meals, precooked, frozen, snail shells, and related products.

At Escargot de Crete snails is our specialty.

We breed our snails in nature among organic olive trees using ecological farming. Our snails come in direct contact with the wind, the rain, the sun and the soils of our place but also with the olive trees and the natural flora from which they acquire their unique characteristics.

New Culinary Frontiers

All presented products were created and released for the first time worldwide by Escargot de Crete, opening new horizons in gastronomy. In the way of Escargot de Crete, snails create and enrich the human diet with dozens of dishes of both taste and nutrition. In salads, pasta and risotto, in pizzas, sandwiches and bruschettas, in stews, in legumes, with trachana, or xinohondro, with cooked vegetables but also in dishes of high gastronomy, the snail becomes the king of gastronomic materials. Feel the delicate aroma of Escargot de Crete snails, equal to the truffle, which is transferred in all your recipes. So simple, so fast, so delicious but with all their nutritional value. No chemical additives or preservatives, according to the principles of Escargot de Crete. A high source of iron and protein, low fat, rich in trace elements and total phenols, the snails of Escargot de Crete open new culinary frontiers.

Snail fillets in olive oil

Global innovation of Escargot de Crete. Award-winning ready meals consisting of exceptional quality and size snail fillets in extra virgin Cretan olive oil in various flavors.

Snail fillets in olive oil are a new material of world gastronomy. They can simply be added to any recipe, without cooking extra and "taking off" the final result. The olive oil contained in the jar has trapped the delicate aroma of the snails Escargot de Crete, equal to the truffle, which is transferred as is in all your recipes. Try them on legumes and vegetables, in your salads, risottos and pasta, omelets, sandwiches, pizzas and just choose the right flavor from the four flavors offered by Escargot de Crete to match the rest of the materials.

Add this uniquely healthy ingredient, without preservatives or food additives, to your diet.

Certified nutritional claims: "High in monounsaturated fatty acids", "High in iron"

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Snail fillets in Cretan sage tea

Global innovation by Escargot de Crete. Snail fillets in sage decoction are the answer of Escargot de Crete to snail fillets preserved in brine. The so-called immortal herb (Salvia fruticosa or Cretan Sage) was the choice of Escargot de Crete to preserve its own snail fillets with its own unique way of preservation, incomparably better than that of preservation in brine. They do not contain any salt, are easy to rinse, without necessarily being needed and perfectly retain their freshness and all their quality characteristics. Very easy to use can be used in countless recipes as well as fillets in olive oil with minimal to no cooking.

Certified nutritional claims: "High in protein", "Iron source"

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Frozen products

Pioneering frozen products and delicious ready-made "snail buds" that just need warming.

Certified nutritional claims: "High in protein", "Iron source"

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