Escargot de Crete promotes and sells its cosmetic products with snail excretion Panacea3 through its online store on websites with electronic addresses:,,, and which belong to our company under the name Escargot de Crete LP and the distinctive title Escargot de Crete which is located in the area of ​​Latzimas - Rethymno - Crete - Greece.

Escargot de Crete is exclusively engaged in the production of snails and their products and it’s the first vertical company to produce snails in Greece.

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Privacy Policy

Escargot de Crete takes all necessary precautions to protect the data of orders from its customers as well as their personal data such as name, surname, address, email, telephone numbers, etc. These documents are protected by the principle of protection of personal documents that must be respected by the Escargot de Crete. These documents are used by Escargot de Crete only if the buyer agrees and allows it to be updated and for better service.

As far as the buyer's credit card data or bank account numbers are concerned, Escargot de Crete does not keep any data in its records.

Payment is made through a secure server (SSL) with a 128-bit encryption key. Through this secure system, your credit card details are sent directly to the competent banking authority via a secure, encrypted connection.

No person in the online store of Escargot de Crete has access to your credit card details.

The Seller will not be liable for unauthorized access to the information provided by the Buyer.


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