PANACEA 3 face cream

PANACEA 3 face cream is another pioneering Escargot de Crete product. From its very first steps in research, the foremost aim of the company was to develop a cream that would make the most of the beneficial properties of snail secretions. The special breeding processes that Escargot de Crete has adopted in its farming units are responsible for achieving the production of snail secretions with amazing properties. This is partly underpinned by the unique climatic conditions in Crete. The small temperature difference between day and night, coupled to the limited seasonal temperature variance, the dry thermal conditions of the atmosphere and the abundant sunlight throughout the year guarantee a unique snail secretion, very rich in beneficial substances.

The preparation of the snails, the collection of the secretion and its processing provide the PANACEA 3 cream with unique features.

The product contains pure ingredients, 99% natural in origin, free of parabens. The secretion is collected from snails that have been bred in open country space, in the absence of heavy metals, pesticides or other chemical agents. With PANACEA 3 and its impressive results, Escargot de Crete demonstrates an alternative way for our world.

Some of its unique properties:

Softness: Unique softness from its first use, that remains on the skin, even after many washs with water.

Brightness: Even from its initial application, face appearance changes, as the product offers unique radiance and an intense sense of healthy skin.

Anti-ageing action: Within less than two weeks, the fine lines disappear and wrinkles diminish, the difference being obvious day by day. The cream inhibits the creation of new wrinkles; it rejuvenates the skin, making it elastic, soft and naturally hydrated due to its healthy state.

Acne: Daily use of «PANACEA 3» inhibits the development of new pustules. When used directly on acne, it immediately sooths and heals the skin in record time. Daily use heals the inflammation, as well as the spots left on the face, even those considered to be permanent.

Wounds and injuries: PANACEA 3 literally abolishes the need of band-aid. Its amazing haemostatic properties promote fast wound healing, without scars or the development of unwanted scabs and crusted blood.

Black spots: The use of PANACEA 3 makes black spots disappear without any particular effort. Daily use occludes the pores, and prevents spots from being created.

Scars:PANACEA 3 diminishes scars, especially relative new ones that have resulted from surgery or stitches.

Dermatitis and Psoriasis: Unique and immediate relief has been observed by persons that have used the product.

Dischromias and blotches: PANACEA 3 by Escargot de Crete is also affective in those dermal problems. Continuous use makes them wear out and finally disappear.

Dry skin: Astonishing results! Initial use closes sores and cuts, while daily use prevents them from forming again. The skin gains a soft and hydrated feeling.

Burns: Sooths the scorch immediately and heals the wound. No flaking is observed if the product is applied in a timely and frequent manner.

Stings: Immediately comforts the pain or the itch arising from various insect stings, such as mosquitoes, wasps, bees, etc, and calms the skin.

Allergies: PANACEA 3 achieves impressive results against most dermal allergies. It provides immediate comfort and within limited time, no symptoms remain on the skin. Just 1-2 applications are required.

Other:Provides intense antioxidant action, combats pathogenic skin bacteria, heals keloids, removes skin rushed and prevents ingrown hair growth. PANACEA 3 is a unique solution for sensitive skin after shaving, healing cuts and rushes.

PANACEA 3 constitutes a 99% natural product intended for family use. The 1% synthetic ingredients have been approved for use in biological cosmetics.