Ecological snail farming among olive trees

Escargot de Crete was founded in 2010 on the island of Crete by Dr Charalampos Kiagias.

The company is all about Cornu Aspersum (aka Helix Aspersa or common garden) snails, and their multiple beneficial properties for the human health. Like all Cretans, Dr Kiagias was born and raised in a place where these properties are known first hand and therefore these special creatures are highly valued by the inhabitants of the island for centuries.

In it's first year of operation the company created the first vertical unit for snail breeding and products in Greece. After that, many aqcuired the know-how that Escargot de Crete pionnered at, but Dr Kiagias wasn't content with the way greenhouses were limiting snails' contact with the sun, the rain and the natural flora. He started experimenting and the company moved on from the widely used by other companies snail farming methods.

Today Escargot de Crete breeds snails in nature with ecological farming principles. The snails live among organically grown olive trees. They come in direct contact with the sun, the rain, the wind and the soil of their natural habitat, but also with the organically grown olive groves and the natural flora of the island of Crete from which they get their unique characteristics.

It is an ecological farming with minimum environmental footprint. Farming resources are shared by both snails and olive groves and both organisms benefit from each other's presence.

What makes Escargot de Crete's snail breeding unique, is this ecological totally open air snail breeding and also the fact that it is possible year round, due to the location and the local climate.